A State of Rebalance

The “Proceed with Caution” mentality is still prevalent although it is loosening its grip a bit due to a steady decline in interest rates over the last 6 weeks.

The 4th Quarter Pivot

The last quarter of the year brings so much to look forward to – from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve and everything in between. The joy of driving from mall to mall, hosting extravagant dinners, planning for epic parties…then cleaning up after the extravagant dinners and parties are over. Buying or selling a house is […]

Building Team Culture

Team culture – It took us 5 years of trial and error to get this right and it took almost as long to realize that it is THE MOST important aspect of a successful team. In the beginning we thought it was crucial to focus on production and the good old BOTTOM LINE. We pushed for […]

Is the Market Slowing Down? …Just a Little

So here’s the scoop… We get asked every single day, NAY – multiple times a day. “Where is the market heading” or “Is the market slowing down.” Its been the question on everyone’s mind for what seems to be since the pandemic started. Up until very recently our short answer was “no” its not slowing […]

A Big and Enthusiastic Hello From Tucson!!!

Hello Tucson residents, transplants, visitors and those of you wanting to know more about our amazing city! We are the Signature Group at Realty Executives – more specifically, I’m Jason, one of the managing partners of this top-notch team (the guy in the middle of Mount Crushmore for reference). Rebecca Crane, the accountability master, is […]