Adriana Vildosola REALTOR®


Adriana es agente de bienes raíces quien creció en la linda frontera

Agua Prieta, Sonora México. Si desean comprar en Arizona ella

los educa y les desglosa en detalle los contratos, los derechos y

obligaciones de comprador o vendedor. Si necesitan una guida en

su transacción de compra-venta llámenle. Si están adistancia ella

le envía videos personalizados a su situación. 


Adriana's residential development and resale passion started as she

took jobs drafting construction drawings from 2006-2009. When the

market crashed, she took on the role of a behavioral therapist working

with children with Autism. In 2011 She took her real estate course,

after realizing the investment required to pursue a career in Real Estate,

she took a step back and took on teaching. In 2013, Adriana decided to

activate her Real Estate license. She took on jobs in the service industry

and sales all while representing real estate clients part time.  Adriana's

extensive customer service and sales experience helps her understand

you and what your needs are. She will treat you like a brother or sister.

Her clients enjoy her unfiltered honesty and her educational videos.  



In 2016 Adriana took a drafting job with Arizona's premier luxury

design/rebuild firm, MDF Development, formerly known as Lauren

Wallace Interiors and Million Dollar Flips. At that position, her

knowledge of the floor plan layouts helped her quickly evolve into

a site supervisor. She became the bilingual liaison between the designers

and contractors. After resigning as a supervisor, Lauren's former employer

hired Adriana as an Interior Design Assistant in Scottsdale’s industry leading

interior design firm, Ownby Design. 


With all that experience and residential resale experience combined, Adriana

can assist you with floor plan layouts, architectural material selections,

furniture layouts, fabric & accessory selections and so much more. She can see

every home's potential and can analyze the market to show you how to invest

and how much to invest, to make your home fit your needs. Hand Adriana a

remodeling budget and she will tell you where to apply it to get the most bang

for your buck.


A jack of all trades Adriana is quirky & curious, so she embraces any

opportunity to learn new skills. She believes in learning every day. She

loves to read print or audio and loves learning through YouTube video. She

loves DIY, arts and craftsand loves to flip furniture. Strength training is a

must in her daily routine & she loves to hike, snowboard, & go camping.

If you have horses, you better invite her for a ride.